Why Kavelle?

Common ground​

We’ve come together under the banner of Kavelle Coaching sharing powerful values and beliefs about the significant and measureable contribution that coaching can make to the performance of individuals, teams and organisations. We agree that we should ‘see people as a fluid process’ (as one Father of positive social psychology said), and we certainly know that through coaching amazing transitions can be made.


We were each originally drawn to coaching for our own personal reasons, but we all had our coach training under the auspices and requirements of the International Coach Federation. We now share a common purpose and conviction that coaching is probably the single most powerful tool that is available for the development of people and for securing employee engagement. We understand this process well and have had the privilege of putting that understanding to work for the benefit of clients over many years.

Staying sharp

Knowing that we sustain high professional standards in our coaching practice is also really important to us; we work regularly at deepening our understanding of what is technically strong and effective in different coaching approaches – as well as also challenging and testing our own coaching skills and ensuring we stay sharp and at our best.

Commitment to best practice

So, though we are 5 different personalities with a rich diversity of backgrounds and organisational experience, we are united in our commitment to deliver best practice coaching for the benefit of the individuals and organisations who come to us wanting to be the best that they can be.

​We believe:

If this sits well with you and your beliefs, we’d love to have a conversation with you about you and/or members of your organisation becoming the best version of yourselves.