One-to-One Coaching

In 1-1 coaching, an executive works individually with an experienced, well-trained coach on their unique areas of strength and development areas, in order to fulfil their potential. It is a catalyst for the enhanced performance of the individual and the teams they lead.

Each coaching engagement is unique, reflecting the needs, priorities and characteristics both of the employing organisation and of the individual. We agree coaching outcomes and objectives after in-depth discussion about what they should be, and we agree a process and timescales for review of those outcomes. We will retain sufficient flexibility to address issues and priorities that are uncovered as the coaching relationship develops.

Sometimes our engagement is directly with the individual to be coached; sometimes there is a corporate sponsorship that requires a third party to be involved. In either case, we clarify the relationships, interests and rights at the outset in a way that is clear to everyone. One of our priorities is always to ensure that confidentiality of all coaching conversations is assured.

Although the objectives of each coaching engagement will be specifically agreed and documented, the overall approach is to work with the client to uncover and detail barriers to progress; and for the individual client and the coach to then work together on ways to develop the client’s skills, capabilities and confidence in dealing with those issues. Essentially the coach is sounding board, confidante, challenger, reflector and supporter all rolled into one.

For maximum impact, we recommend a programme of coaching that lasts for around 6 -12 months, and meetings can be virtual or face-to-face, with the length and frequency of coaching meetings determined by need and agreement.