Leader As Coach

The command and control approach to leadership no longer works in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Younger generations want less direction; but more support – they need a different leader approach to help them to perform i.e. a coach-approach to leadership. Aimed at senior leaders, our Leader as Coach development programme meets that need.

Employee engagement is driven by the behaviours of leaders and managers. The higher employee engagement, the better the business metrics (revenue, profitability, productivity, customer experience, safety, healthcare costs, etc, (Gallup)). This Leader as Coach programme will enable leaders to raise the quality of thinking in their organisation as they develop independent critical thinkers; the quality of innovation will increase as a result; employees will feel more engaged in meaningful work; and ultimately the business will be more successful.

The 6-month programme uses a blended approach that is highly experiential with plenty of feedback to enable leaders to apply what they learn back in the workplace.