How we work

Each coaching engagement is unique, reflecting the needs, priorities and characteristics both of the employing organisation and of the individual. We agree coaching outcomes and objectives after in-depth discussion about what they should be, and we agree a process and timescales for review of those outcomes. We will retain sufficient flexibility to address issues and priorities that are uncovered as the coaching relationship develops.

Initial coaching engagements are usually for a period of 6 or 12 months, with the length and frequency of coaching meetings determined by need and agreement.

• We aim to be adaptable and to fit in to the working context for any individual we work with
• we are happy working in the traditional coaching programme way where predetermined sessions are scheduled over a period of weeks and months
• We find, however, mixing face-to-face coaching with virtual coaching can work well
• We find also that mixing longer sessions with short check ins that enable the coachee to maintain their momentum can work well
• Our aim is to fit in with the most effective approach that works for our client
• Our practice is to work within the professional code of ethics and coaching standings of the International Coach Federation

Case Studies

Here’s a small representative sample of how we have worked with clients:

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Prioritising competing demands
Becoming more politically astute
A powerful ending and a high impact new beginning
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