Coach Supervision

“Supervision supports and challenges coaches (and anyone in the people business) to stay sharp and stay safe.” Clare Norman

Those who have supervision wouldn’t be without it; the value to their own sanity and to the safety of their clients far outweighs the investment of time and money, as it enables them to see their “blind spots”, hear their “deaf spots” and speak their “dumb spots” (Eckstein).

Supervision is:
Qualitative – supporting the coach to coach in ways that are courageous, skilful and ethical, asking “is this the best you could be doing?”
Developmental – developing the coach’s coaching through feedback, guidance, role modelling, and helping them to self-supervise through reflective practice.
Resourcing – supporting the coach when doubts and insecurities arise, and providing them with a space to process what they have absorbed from the client or their system

We offer coaching supervision in virtual 1-1 sessions; and in face to face or virtual group sessions, conducted over a period of ten months.