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Welcome to Kavelle Coaching

“A person is a fluid process, not a fixed and static entity; a flowing river of change, not a block of solid material; a continually changing constellation of potentialities, not a fixed quantity of traits.”  Carl Rogers.

It is this challenging complexity and apparently infinite potential of the
human being that has drawn us as a group of people to work together as Kavelle Coaching.

Kavelle Executive Coaching specialises in providing expert, confidential, one-to-one and team coaching for leaders in organisations who want to improve their ability to balance conflicting priorities, and to deal effectively with the barriers and blockages that hinder their personal and team effectiveness.

Kavelle One-to-one coaching

One-to-one coaching

“In one-to-one coaching (1:1) a leader works individually with an executive coach on their particular identified needs, change objectives and desired outcomes. As well as supporting the development of that individual, coaching is often also a catalyst for the enhanced performance of the teams that the individual leads.”

Kavelle Team Coaching

Team Coaching

“Team coaching is a powerful tool for significant change in awareness, behaviours and collaboration of people working together as a team; resulting in enhanced team performance and achievement.”

Kavelle Leader As Coach

Leader As Coach

“Research clearly shows us that employee engagement is driven by the behaviours of leaders and managers. Our Leader as Coach programme supports and promotes the development of positive behaviours that encourage employee commitment and contribution to shared goals & objectives.”